High impact and high exposure website design to promote your brand as an interactive and savvy billboard  to attract new customers and easily found on the internet.

Website designs using the latest modern web design trends to display your brand into  rich image/videos and savvy marketing web content. 

Optimised to reach your target audience and industry on Google , Bing and Yahoo search engines.

Grow your brand popularity by streaming live photos and posts from your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)  directly to your website. 

Build customer loyalty with an online newsletter service to email promotions to your customers. 

Robust content management system (CMS) to easily manage your web  content.

365x24x7 email & phone support.


Sell your products and services online. Add-on for Website Design.

Add shopping cart and global payment gateway for secure online credit card payments.

Add product pages to promote your products and services.

Sell directly on Facebook by importing your store onto your Facebook page.

365x24x7 email & phone support.


Boost office productivity with Microsoft Office 365 or Google Business Apps. Get your work email and work on your documents, spreadsheets or presentation from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Use Outook or Gmail for email, and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents.

Use Sharepoint or Google Sites and Onedrive or Google Drive to share your office information between staff on the web.

Use Skype or Google Talk for instant messaging and video conferencing.

Work anywhere from your mobile, tablet and PC devices.

365x24x7 email & phone support.


Make your website into a mobile iPhone & Android App. Add-on for Website Design or E-Commerce.

Engage with the vast growing mobile app market and allow smart phones and tablets customers direct access to your business.

Create an iOS/Android app directly connected to your website or e-commerce site.

Add content and even send push notifications through your website, and your app is updated in real time.

Publish your app on Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores.

365x24x7 email & phone support.


Search Engine Optimisation

Reach out to your target audience by increasing your website visibility across Google, Bing and Yahoo with Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Marketing

Get popular amongst the social crowds by promoting your brand on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social media sites with Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Build a subscriber list of your loyal customers to easily email your promotions with Email Marketing


Collaborate better at work with Office 365......

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Bronze Support

Up to 4 hours of maintenance or project work per month
Include website upgrades & updates, and backups

Silver Support

Up to 8 hours of maintenance or project work per month
Include website upgrades & updates, and backups

Gold Support

Up to 16 hours of maintenance or project work per month
Include website upgrades & updates, and backups


MOSARO is a web & app design company dedicated to build high-quality stylish, and affordable web & app solutions.

MOSARO has a strong focus to make their clients brand be better, unique and savvy, while also understanding what motivates consumer needs, interests, and desires in the digital world of the internet, social media and mobility.

MOSARO has quickly established itself as a trusted web design & app specialist with their expanding client portfolio that includes media publishing, restaurants, fitness, recruitment, and many more industries.